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he shrugged and continued to learn, the teacher looked at all f the, “Tomorrow, I want to hear your science experiments.”

Listening to the teacher it was still fun to be in school it’s just sometimes the fox didn’t take it seriously.Playing with the chair a bit she slipped up and leaned into Joe blushing.

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Swventeen smiled “im glad someone thinks so” he smiled kissinf her softly

Leaning into the kiss a bit she purred louder as her tail thumped against the bed.


"Mm uf theyre related to you yes" he purred happily

Laying her head on his chest she shut her eyes resting peacefully.”I want to stay like this forever.”

Hey that's alright there Miss! Though if you really want to get to know the fella, I recommend reading up on him!

She looked away “I’m not sure.”

Hey would you ever kiss that Chiaroscuro fella? If you don't know 'im, his URL is paledarkdragonchiaroscuro!

"Uh..well…I don’t know…most likely no since I don’t know him all to well and my feelings aren’t there"


sakura ‘14 - cherry blossoms #7 (Sanjo street, Kyoto) (by Marser)


After a while, their meal was finished and Toto put all of them together and created an appealing dish. “Ready to eat?” He asked with a smile. He picked up the plates and led them to the dining room. 

He was taking the lead and it bothered her yet Serina was keeping her mouth shut since he was probably used to being this way since he has a sibling.Sitting down at the end of the table the fox placed her tail in her lap.