Open Rp~Christmas Snow

Serina happily wandered the street she was feeling kind of cold to which she could tell it was going to snow.After a few moments it did start to snow and she wraps her tail around her body.It was Christmas Eve and she was alone again her aunt had made George go on a trip with her which depressed her greatly though he promised to send her a gift.Wandering to the park she saw it was full of couples and it kind of made her sick so she wanders off into the forest.

"Its always like this every year I should be used to being alone by now.." she says to herself trying to make the lonely feeling go away.Sighing she leaves the forest not in the mood to go to her meadow anymore.To pick her spirits up again she decided to go to a local pastry shop "they have to have a holiday special or something~" The thought of it warmed her up and her tail began to sway quickly.Though while walking there someone caught her eye and she decided to walk closer to them since her curiosity got the better of her.